rehomed dogs

dogs that have been definitely rehomed are being introduced here with their “new” owners.

Jilli-Ann can’t fight the Moonlight - Misty
date of birth:  may 27th 2009 / colour: Blue-White
due to health reasons of my own I had to make the difficult choise to find new owners for Jilli-Ann. With pain in my heart I officially handed her over to her new owners on
02-07-2014. Ingrid and Michael Algera from Rotterdam, lots of luck with my little blue devil ♥ Dear (Jilli) Misty, enjoy an active life with your bosses and your Border Collie buddy Shade. Love you X

Haley Hope can’t fight the Moonlight - Maisie
date of birth: 06-10-2007 / colour: Blue-Merle & tan

In September 2011 we received a quenstion as to whether we might have an adult Border available for rehoming. After much deliberation, talking about why Maisie didn’t want to breed and concluding that nature knows what it’s doing if coverage doesn’t work, we decided to give it a chance. Maisie was placed on probation with Bart (fam. van den Hooven ) in Vugt. Bart is a boy with a form of autism, due to circumstances he had to say goodbye to his last dog. It is very important to him that he has a buddy who he can share everything with. The moment those two met each other was wonderfull, they are made for each other! She was really into Bart and Bart into Maisie, that was so great to watch that my sencse of loss no longer mattered. They belong together Bart & Maisie. We know that she’s doing great in Vugt ​​and we wish Maisie a long and happy life next to Bart. Playing Dogfrisbee is “THE” way for them.

Winona can’t fight the Moonlight - Siobhan
date of birth: 04-13-2003 / colour: Black & White
From 07-31-2011 the testperiode from Siobhan had ended and her permanent home is now in Baarlo – Limburg with Bjorn & Sanne. Siobhanneke live long healty and happy in Limburg. For me you are very special, you’ll allways be by first bred Beatiful Bitch !
I love you.

Jonty Jaxx can’t fight the Moonlight - Skippy (former known as Wilson)
date of birth:  06-27-2009 / colour: blue-merle
Due to his owners serious illness, we glad to announce that we found a new home for Wilson. His former owner couldn’t meet his needs anymore and wants Wilson to have a full life. Meanwhile it’s obvious that he found his home in de Goorn with Arno, Monique and their kids. Skippy have a great live, family Timmermans enjoy this wonderfull dog !!!

Bliss Red can’t fight the Moonlight - Ginger
date of birth: 03-01-2004 / colour: Red-Merle
08-09-2007 she moved to Spui (Zeeland) to live with Elise, Ginger is going to be active in Agility, Dogfrisbee & Sheepherding (recreational) Ginger has already made lot’s of friends in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen their neighbour dog Cristo. Elise’s cats have accepted her too. they sleep next to her kennel, she loves all the attention and outings.Elise we wish you a long and happy live with your pretty girl, see you both ! Elize is together with Harold now and even became a mum and Ginger loves it !!!

Blue Brice can’t fight the Moonlight - Ozzy
date of birth: 03-01-2004 / colour: Blue-Merle
placed with Ferry & Janneke, he’s already active in agility and dogfrisbee perfect, ….. for sure we’ll meet them at dogfrisbee competitions :-)  Ozzy and bitch Zoëy have become great friends and love each other to bits Ferry & Janneke, we wish you lot’s of happiness with your Border Hunk, bye for now !