HD – Hipdysplasia

Hip dysplasia or simply called HD is a common disease of the hip joint in dogs. Heredity is an important factor in this disease, but environmental influences growing up during the period of the animals play an important role. The hip joint consists of two parts: the femoral head of the femur fits into the joint socket (acetabulum) of the pelvis. Both are held together by a ligament and joint capsule that surrounds the joint completely. And there is still “outside” help from the surrounding muscles to keep both parts of the joint neatly together so the joint is functioning optimally. In a healthy animal there is a perfect connection between femoral head and joint socket, but in the case of hip dysplasia, this connection is less well by example due too weak ligaments and capsule or a poorly formed femoral head -or socket. The results are that the joint under load will be much less stable and therefore a sliding motion occurs, the femoral head on the rim of the acetabulum is “scratching” and gives tension in the joint capsule. All this brings inflammation, pain and degenerative changes to the bone and the result is often that the connection becomes less and less, and the problem will only get worse. These changes also causes ‘stiffening’ around the joint, this is actually the natural process, the animal should be able to keep his problem under control. By stiffening the connection is indeed promoted and the animal with HD, after a period of pain, slouch or other problems during his childhood, eventually finally shows relatively few problems when he grows up. Usually, however, so that as the years go by, these animals gradually get more and more pain and problems. many medications, dietary supplements or even eg. Acupuncture are required for the animal as ‘senior’ to have an acceptable life quality.

HD foto Jilliann – official (dutch scale) result HD A norbergvallue 30

HD picture made by Drs. van Herpen for the official examination for hipdysplasia (HD).

pictures development puppy hips

Hip pictures of a pup, as seen on this X-ray a new born pup has no hips at all.
At the age of 12 months the development of their hips is finaly completed !!!