ED – elbow dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia – is an umbrella term for various conditions that can give problems to the elbow, LPC, OCD, LPA, an incongruence in the elbow or trauma. These conditions provide pain of the elbow, causing the dog discomfort and/or lameness. Elbow dysplasia can occur in one or both elbows, both elbows are affected when you often see not much “progress” (running) of the dog, because he / she supposedly ‘synchronous’ limping. Except elbow trauma, dysplasia reveals most (at) between 4.5 and 9 months of age, when the dog is growing rapidly. Heredity plays an important role, but (building) motion, weight of the dog & food have great influence on the development of this abnormality.

Causes and symptoms from ED

OCD – Osteochondrosis Dissecans is a damage to the cartilage in the elbow joint, there is usually a loose piece of cartilage which can irritate the bone. When this loose piece is removed in time, OCD recovery is usually good. Let the dog walk around too long with OCD, then the body creates the joint cartilage support. This is called osteoarthritis, which causes lameness and/or stiffness and makes healing difficult. Large breed dogs that grow rapidly are at greater risk for OCD than small dogs. Not overloading the growing dog is very important, it worsens the risk of OCD aswell as to much high-energy foods and obesity.

PMI – stands for Los Processus Aconeus. Processus Aconeus This is a piece of bone at the back of the elbow joint. In the growth phase is set to grow to the ulna. Failure to do so remains Processus Aconeus loose and irritates the surrounding (bone) tissue. It causes pain and discomfort when moving. In this case, the loose piece of bone must be removed as soon as possible, before arthritis formation.

Incongruence – Closely connected to the radius and ulna in the joint is not well with each other, such as the radius or ulna is too long or too short, the elbow ‘matches’ or not. This causes irritation to the surrounding cartilage (bone) tissue formation and ultimately osteoarthritis. This incongruence can also cause an LPA or LPC. Incongruence can be a fairly major surgery to be corrected. Here is a piece of bone removed too long, or just stretched with pins. Also present an LPA or LPC is removed. Total peace is a prerequisite for a good recovery from this operation.

Trauma – is also a fall, a collision or stumbling can damage the elbow and cause OCD, LPC, LPA, or osteoarthritis in the elbow joint.

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Prevention – If you want to have less chance your dog’s developes / get’s ED symptoms, the wise choise is a puppy, born to parents who are inspected and found free of elbow dysplasia. In addition, metered movement are of very great importance. The same goes for dayly the same motions and/or a lot of walking more than one day a week and other days very little. Adjust the length of the walk to the age of the dog. Nutrition is important, we look at the nutritional calcium-phosphorus ratio and whether too many food makes your dog too heavy. It is important that you check the degree of motion and power with an expert, the breeder of your dog, or your vet.

source: Kennelclub