Cold Water Tail

Description and Symptoms
Cold Water Tail is also known as Broken Tail, Dead Tail or Limp Tail Syndrome. The tail looks broken! The base of the tail - the part from the back is horizontal - the rest hangs limply down and wags hardly, the dog will not sit down, because it is too painful. This is from the base of the tail, or after a few centimeters. It’s a nasty,very painful but harmless condition. It is most common in dogs that fall under the type of working dogs.

Origin of this ailment
Is probably fast cool down after vigorous exercise. It can i.e. occur after exercise when the dog goes swimming or after intensive movement of the tail (eg frequent wag). Which can cause an acute inflammation of the tail muscle development, that is very painful.

Rest and warmth! The dog is really not feeling well with this condition, a generally wide treatment is not useful. Pain and anti-swelling medication can bring more peace and relaxation, the symptoms usually take about 1-2 weeks, after which the dog’s normal behavior pattern returns.

The dog usualy recoveres completely and without problems of this syndrome.
A dog that has had this disorder, has as much chance as any other dogs to develop this condition again. Dogs can get Cold Water Tail multiple times in their lives, but it is usually limited to 1 time !

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Dutch names for this syndrome are: Koud Water Staart, gebroken staart, dode staart of lamme staart syndroom.