About me

Hello, my name is Diny Damen.
My son Dennis, his wife Daniëlla and son Dean are living in Oudenbosch with their Australian Shepherd Blitz and Aussie-Border mix Liszy. Hobbywise I bred Border Collies. When I lived with my previous partner I also bred Longhaired Chihuahua’s. Nina (my shorthaired Chihuahua) and Jessabell are my favourits, I miss them dreadfuly !!!

I’ve been raised amongst dogs. When I was a little girl, my parents bred German Shepherd Dogs. Dogs will always be part of my life. At this time I’m orienting on a smaller breed in the same breedgroup.

I live in Noordhoek, Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands and spend all my time on my doggies and my grandson.

I fell in love with Border Collies, 15 years ago. When I bought my first pup, a tri-color bitch called Djemma † (in Memoriam) We started pup-training and I noticed her will to please, we did follow-up training, through to 2003. From october 2003 Dennis started Dogfrisbee training with her. Meanwhile she is to old and retired. She lives in Drenthe now, with my cousins José and Cees who adopted her. At that time Dennis already played Dogfrisbee with aussie Blitz. These days he’s very active in the advanced / open Dogfrisbee competition with Blitz(9) and Liszy (2).

13 years ago I became the proud owner of a Blue Merle Bitch Jaydee † (in Memoriam) a beauty. To me she was the most beautiful Border Collie on the face of the earth, …of course. During her life she has honoured us with 4 magnificent litters. In the 1st / A-litter there was but one black & white bitch, whom I named Siobhan † (in Memoriam) she loved Dogfrisbee and Dockdiving. Siobhan’s 1st litter was born on 09-17-2006, they’re all black & white and active in different dog-sports. On january 1st 2005 pups were born in Poland at Never Never Land Kennels, I fell in love with one of the blue-white bitches and on 16-02-05 Meghan came to live with me, a beautiful girl. She works sheep and is crazy about the frisbee. (Thanks Ewa for this wonderfull lady !) She had 4 litters of nice charactered and athletic dogs. From the second litter Jilliann remained with me, she’s a crack at everthing she does. Siobhan her 2nd litter born 12-06-2008 surprised me with a stunning red-merle Dog whom I couldn’t resist, his name is Bono and since he’s been tested and found healthy he’s my studdog.
Due to healthissues I had to stop breeding Border Collies in Januari 2014. Sadly I even had to find workaholic Jilliann a new home, her new owners can give her what I can’t anymore. Thnx Ingrid & Michael, take good care of my precious girl.

Life without a pack of Border Collies is hard !!!